CSFL Announces 2021 Schedule

CSFL Announces 2021 Schedule

By: Doug DeBiase | Collegiate Sprint Football League | March 22, 2021

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL) on Monday released its 2021 schedule, as announced by Commissioner Dan Mara. The 2021 season gets underway the weekend of Sept. 17-18, with the regular season concluding on Nov. 5-6.

The CSFL will once again be comprised of two divisions in 2021, as the North Division will feature five teams including the United States Military Academy (Army West Point), Caldwell University, Cornell University, Mansfield University and St. Thomas Aquinas College. The South Division features four teams including Alderson Broaddus University, Chestnut Hill College, the United States Naval Academy (Navy) and the University of Pennsylvania.

The winner of each division will advance to the CSFL Championship Game during the weekend of Nov. 12-13. More information about championship weekend will be announced by the conference at a later date this spring.

Each of the nine schools will play at least seven games during the regular season. In addition to those contests, schools will also have the opportunity to schedule an additional game (if they so choose) for the weekend of Nov. 12-13, as long as they have not qualified for the CSFL Championship Game. The additional games will be announced later during the fall once the extra matchups are finalized.

2021 CSFL Divisions

North Division

Army West Point
St. Thomas Aquinas

South Division

Alderson Broaddus
Chestnut Hill

2021 CSFL Schedule

Week #1 (Sept. 17-18)

Alderson Broaddus at Chestnut Hill
Penn at Army
Cornell at Mansfield
Navy at St. Thomas Aquinas
Bye: Caldwell

Week #2 (Sept. 24-25)

Army at Alderson Broaddus
St. Thomas Aquinas at Caldwell
Chestnut Hill at Navy
Penn at Mansfield
Bye: Cornell

Week #3 (Oct. 1-2)

Alderson Broaddus at St. Thomas Aquinas
Navy at Army
Caldwell at Cornell
Mansfield at Chestnut Hill
Bye: Penn

Week #4 (Oct. 8-9)

Navy at Alderson Broaddus
Chestnut Hill at Caldwell
Cornell at Penn
Mansfield at St. Thomas Aquinas
Bye: Army

Week #5 (Oct. 15-16)

Alderson Broaddus at Caldwell
Army at Mansfield
Penn at Chestnut Hill
St. Thomas Aquinas at Cornell
Bye: Navy

Week #6 (Oct. 22-23)

Mansfield at Alderson Broaddus
St. Thomas Aquinas at Army
Caldwell at Penn
Cornell at Navy
Bye: Chestnut Hill

Week #7 (Oct. 29-30)

Penn at Alderson Broaddus
Army at Caldwell
Cornell at Chestnut Hill
Mansfield at Navy
Bye: St. Thomas Aquinas

Week #8 (Nov. 5-6)

Army at Cornell
Caldwell at Mansfield
Chestnut Hill at St. Thomas Aquinas
Navy at Penn
Bye: Alderson Broaddus

CSFL Championship Game (Nov. 12-13)

North Division Winner vs. South Division Winner

ABOUT SPRINT FOOTBALL Sprint Football is a full-contact, intercollegiate, varsity sport that features the same rules as NCAA football, except that all players must weigh 178.0 pounds or less. The league has been in existence since prior to World War II.The Collegiate Sprint Football League is comprised of 10 member institutions including Alderson Broaddus University, Army West Point, Caldwell University, Chestnut Hill College, Cornell University, Mansfield University, the U.S. Naval Academy, Post University, the University of Pennsylvania and St. Thomas Aquinas College.

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