CSFL New Membership

New Member Procedures

1. A prospective member's CEO must submit a letter of interest in the CSFL to the Commissioner. Upon receipt of the letter, the conference office will respond with a request for a non-refundable application fee ($1,000). The letter will be forwarded to all CSFL Athletic Directors.

After receiving the fee:

A. Conference Commissioner will provide the institution with the membership procedures and a copy of the Conference Constitution and Bylaws.

B. Required documentation (when complete packet has been received) will be forwarded to the CSFL Membership Committee.

Required Documentation

A. A letter from the CEO of the institution indicating the reason for desiring membership in the CSFL.

B. A letter from the Director of Athletics indicating the reason for desiring membership in the CSFL and summary of attributes of the athletics program.

C. Summary of the institution's compatibility (e.g. institutional mission, academic programs, geographical location, athletic program, student population) with current CSFL members.

  • Verification of institution's regional accreditation.
  • Verification of membership in primary athletic association.
  • Verification of good standing within primary athletic association.
  • Location and description of football facilities.
  • Short-term and long-term goals of the athletic department.
  • Most recent EADA report:
    • Athletic department operations manual and compliance manual.
    • Athletic program's strategic plan.
    • Athletic program's most recent annual budget.
    • Football-specific projected budget.

2. The conference office will then request a visitation fee from the applicant to fund the site visit by a CSFL Membership Team.

3. After reviewing the documents and completing the site visit, the CSFL Membership Team will make a recommendation to the CSFL Athletic Administrators Council. The committee may recommend acceptance, rejection or that further consideration is necessary.

4. The CSFL Athletic Administrators Council reviews the recommendation and acts. The Council can accept, reject, or refer the matter back to the committee.

5. If the CSFL votes to accept the new member, the institution will be assessed an entry fee (Equal to one year's annual dues).

6. The CSFL shall act on the recommendation within 30 days of receipt.

A. Decision of an institution's application shall be by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Council.